Mobile Wallet

What is a mobile wallet?

A mobile wallet is a virtual wallet that stores payment card information on a mobile device.  Mobile wallets are a convenient way for our cardholders to make in store and online payments.  The mobile wallet can be used at merchants listed with the mobile wallet service provider.

What Lake Elmo Bank Debit Cards work with the mobile wallet?

Lake Elmo Bank’s consumer and business debit cards can be enrolled. Health Savings cards are not eligible.

How is my card information protected when using a mobile wallet?

Your debit card number is not stored on your mobile device or provided to the merchant. A unique token code is created for your device. When a purchase is made in person or online, the token number is used to process your transaction. Your actual debit card number is never shared with the merchants or transmitted during the payment process.

Can I use more than one Lake Elmo Bank Debit Card in my wallet?

If you have multiple Lake Elmo Bank debit cards they can all be loaded into your mobile wallet. Health Savings cards are not eligible.

Why is it asking me to contact my financial institution for further verification?

You may be asked to contact Lake Elmo Bank for additional verification information for security purposes. Call us at 651.777.8365 or stop in to any of our office locations. Once we have verified your information, you should receive a notification that your card is ready to use. Additionally, you will receive a confirmation letter from us.

If I get a new card, how do I replace my old LEB debit card with my new card?

If your card was replaced due to fraud, lost or stolen, you will remove that card from your mobile wallet and then add your new card.

What happens if I replace, update, or lose my mobile device?

The token that is created in place of your card number is specific per device so you would need to enroll your debit card in the digital wallet on your new device. Before you trade in your old mobile device, remove your cards from your digital wallet. iPhone users who lose their phone can use Find My iPhone to easily suspend the device account number. No matter what mobile device you are using, you can contact Lake Elmo Bank at any time to remove a LEB debit card from you wallet.

Choose your Mobile Wallet

The major mobile wallets are Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung pay.  The apps come integrated in your mobile devices.

Select your wallet from the list below for more information on how and where to use it.

Apple Pay

Samsung Pay

Google Pay

Look for one of these symbols at the checkout.