Miscellaneous Fees

Miscellaneous Fees Effective June 1, 2019
ATM Card Issuance Fee $5.00 (without checking account)
ATM Card Replacement Fee $5.00
Business Continuous Overdraft Fee $7.00 per day
(after the 5th day and every day thereafter)
Cashiers Checks (Customers Only) $5.00
Check Ordering Fee Dependent on Style Selected
Coin Sorting Free/Customer
5% of Total/$3.00 Minimum/Non-Customer
Collection Fee $30.00/Item
Copy of Check $3.00
Counter Check Fee $1.00
Debit/ATM ISA Fee International Service Assessment
2% of transaction
Debit  Card Replacement Fee $8.00
Deposit Bags – Locked $20.00
$3.00 Key
Deposit Bags  – Unlocked $5.00
Dormant Accounts $10.00/Month (on balances $100.00 or less)
Early Account Closing $20.00/Account (within 90 days of opening)
Excess Reg D Withdrawal Fee $10.00/Item
Fax Fees Local – $3.00 1st page
$1.00 each additional page
Long Distance – $5.00 1st page
$2.00 each additional page
Garnishment/Levy Fee $100.00
IRA Transfer to another financial institution $30.00
Notary (Non-Customer) $1.00
Non-Sufficient Funds Item* $33.00/Item (returned checks)
Overdraft Fee* $33.00/Item
Overdraft sweep/transfer $5.00 (per transfer)
Photocopies $1.00 each
Ready Reserve Annual Fee $25.00
Research and Account Reconciliation $30.00/Hr. ($30.00 minimum)
Return Deposit Item $4.00/Item
Return Deposit Item (Business) $5.00/Item
Signature Guarantee (Customers Only) Free
Special Handling $5.00
Statement Copy $5.00
Stop Payment $33.00
Recurring Electronic Stop  Payment $10.00/Item
Returned Statement Fee** $10.00
Visa Gift Cards $3.95
Wire Transfers Domestic (Customers Only) $25.00 Outgoing
$10.00 Incoming
Wire Transfers Foreign (Customers Only) $50.00 Outgoing
$10.00 Incoming
Safe Deposit Box Rates 3″ x 5″ $35.00 Annual Rent
5″ x 5″ $45.00 Annual Rent
3″ x 10″ $55.00 Annual Rent
5″ x 10″ $75.00 Annual Rent
10″ x 10″ $125.00 Annual Rent
All boxes are 21″ deep.  Discounted rates available for Relationshipsm and Integritysm Checking Account customers.  Fees are automatically deducted from a Lake Elmo Bank checking or savings account.
Safe Deposit Box Late Payment Fee $10.00 (after 60 days)
Safe Deposit Box Drilling Cost + $25.00
Safe Deposit Box Lost Key $25.00
Safe Deposit Box – Manual Billing Fee $10.00

*Overdrafts and non-sufficient funds fees may result from:  The payment of checks, electronic funds transfers, or other withdrawal requests you initiate.  Payments authorized by you.  The return of unpaid items deposited by you.  Charging your account for our applicable service charges and fees.

**Beginning with the second returned statement and for each returned statement thereafter.