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effortlesssm for personal
At Lake Elmo Bank, we have taken extra care to make your account change process virtually Effortlesssm!  Our bankers will work with you every step of the way to ensure your new account is opened and your automatic transactions are switched over.  

new checking account
Only one person needs to be present at the account opening; however, please bring the following information for all account holders/signers.     

• Full Name 
• Address 
• Birthdate 
• Social Security Number 
• E-mail address 
• Phone numbers 
• Drivers License Number | State Issued | Issue Date | Exp Date 

bank information

Lake Elmo Bank Routing Number:  091910196
Lake Elmo Bank
11465 39th Street North
Post Office Box 857
Lake Elmo MN  55042-0857
Phone: 651.777.8365

automatic transactions
Your bank statements will help you identify those items.  Each company initiating automatic transactions will need your Lake Elmo Bank checking account number and the banks routing number - 091910196.  Many may require a voided check or deposit slip from your new account.

• Social Security 
• Payroll 
• Pension 
• Retirement Dividends

social security

Existing Direct Deposit  800.772.1213
For faster service:  Hit "0" immediately, then press "1" at the next recording for a live customer service representative.

New Direct Deposit - The best way to enroll for social security and other federal benefit payments is to visit

automatic payments  

• Mortgage 
• Telephone 
• Utilities 
• Cable 
• Trash Removal 
• Insurance Premiums 
• Health Club/Association Dues 
• Investment Contributions 
• Loans 

If you would like assistance in setting up your automatic payments, please bring in 1 - 3 months of your bank or billing statements.

online banking and billpay
Please sign up for Online Banking. You will be able to view your account balances, activity, cleared checks and more, anytime - day or night.

Enjoy the convenience of e•statements.  It's safe, easy and you can view your bank statements online.  Sign up today.

close other account
We recommend you leave your old account open for at least 2 months, until you have verified that all of your automatic transactions have been switched to Lake Elmo Bank and all outstanding checks have cleared.

You may contact our Customer Service Department at 651.773.4700 or for easy access to your accounts 24 hours a day, please sign up for our free
Internet Banking.

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